School Transport

The law requires that a Local Authority arrange free, suitable, home to school transport for children of compulsory school age who are “eligible” to their nearest suitable school

Why should something as fundamental to the education of children as being able to get to school be in dispute? It seems basic logic to say if you cannot get to school then you cannot even start being educated. The law regarding provision of free home to school transport is actually very clear in this area. It applies to all children – not just those with SEN and/or a disability.

The Education Act 1996 (s.508 (B) and Schedule 35) contains the definition of an “eligible” child for the purposes of receiving home to school transport. If a child falls within the definition, the law states that the Local Authority responsible for them must make the necessary suitable travel arrangements so that he or she can travel between home and school. Importantly, these must be provided free of charge.

School Transport

Having SEN and or a disability is one of the criteria for being an eligible child.

Where a young person is over 16 years old and attending school or college the law requires a Local Authority to have home to school/ college transport arrangements in place to enable them to attend education or training.

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