All About EHCPs (Education, Health and Care Plans)

Some children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) require more help and support than a mainstream school, college or nursery would normally provide at the level of SEN support. This is when applying for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan should be considered.

An EHC plan is a legal document that describes a child or young person’s special educational, health and social care needs, sets out the extra help that will be given to meet those needs, and how this will support the child or young person to achieve what they want to in their life.

Find out more about EHC plans below

EHC Needs Assessment: Requests

You must request an EHC Needs Assessment in order to obtain an EHC Plan. Find out more here

EHC Needs Assessment: Process

Find out about each step of the assessment process and timescales

Content of an EHC Plan

Find out everything about what an EHC Plan looks like and what must be included

Resolving Issues & Appeals

Are there problems with your EHCP and/or the process? Find out how to resolve these here

Annual Reviews

Find out everything you need to know about Annual Reviews of EHCPs


Do you have concerns over the money side of things? Find out more about funding for children with EHCPs here

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