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Southampton SEND IASS
Southampton SEND IASS19 hours ago
Do you or someone you know have a child who is 5 years old or under and has SEND? Are you concerned about the lack of provision or support available for Early Years in Southampton? If you are able to commit to 4 meetings over the next year and would like to voice your opinions about this topic, we want to hear from you. Now is your chance to help make a difference. The first meeting in on the 25th January but any late comers will be considered. We value your support and want to help improve the services in our City. With your help we can make changes happen.

if you are interested please contact or
Southampton SEND IASS
Southampton SEND IASS23 hours ago
Good morning everyone! Don’t forget to join us for an informal drop in every Tuesday term time between 10-11am. We have a trained advisor on hand to deliver you a speedy response to any concerns you have about your child’s education and their special need/and or disability. Book yourself a place on Eventbrite via our website.
Southampton SEND IASS
Southampton SEND IASS1 day ago
Just in case you wondered why today feels a little more ‘hump day’ than Monday.
Southampton SEND IASS
Southampton SEND IASS3 days ago
We value your feedback!
If you have had support from Southampton SENDIASS in the last few months you will have an email awaiting you in your inbox asking for your feedback.
It takes about a minute (an average of 1 minute 3 seconds to be exact) to complete and is so important to the team.
Your feedback helps us shape the service and your words are truly valued by the team.
Thank you to those of you who have already completed it.
Southampton SEND IASS
Southampton SEND IASS4 days ago
Did you know that Re:Minds have a wonderful books and resources library?
Southampton SEND IASS
Southampton SEND IASS5 days ago
New course to support parents of children with additional needs.
Starts on 17th January.